Best Portable Vaporizer Reviews

Sonic Portable Vaporizer Review

Similar in design to the Ascent Portable Vaporizer and Davinci Portable Vaporizer, the Sonic Vaporizer brings functionality and quality in a to go box. One of the best and newest vaporizer out there, it is like a traveling volcano.  The Sonic Vaporizer employs a ceramic heating chamber with advanced heating technology. Its simple user interface adds ease of use, so that anyone is capable of using this one. What makes the advanced heating technology  special is its precise heating control, being able to select precise temperatures according to what your vaporizing needs are. It also incorporates quality battery life, which is an essential metric to look at when buying the best portable vaporizer.

Included in the box when you get the Sonic Portable Vaporizer are the mouthpiece, wall charger, a cleaning tool, 3 replacement screens, and the instruction manual. Everything you would need to get started with any kind of  vaporizer.

Overall: Quality, quality, quality. This product screams it. A portable vaporizer to last through the ages. Precise, accurate, simple, portable.

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Trifecta Portable Vaporizer Review

The Best Portable Vaporizer Guide proudly introduces the trifecta portable vaporizer as its newest edition to the site. This pen-styled vaporizer is another must have which is why we had to put it up ASAP. It functions on every level of vaporizing including all your dry herbs, oils, and waxes. It is super compact and pocket ready for your on the go vaporizing needs.  With a one button activation system and instant heat up time, your looking at a great portable vaporizer. Included with this vaporizer is one clear oil tank, 1 oil filling tool, rubber mouthpiece, the battery, USB charging device, wall charging device, a packing tool, 2 cleaning brushes (making maintenance a breeze), 2 dry herb/waxy oil cartridges, a mesh screen, and the manual. Wow. Oh, not to forget it comes with a warranty of 60 days.

Overall: A great product entering the portable vaporizer market. Simple to use and can deliver on all of your needs.

best portable vaporizer

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Pax Vaporizer by Ploom Review

The Pax vaporizer is one of the best handheld portable vaporizers on the market today. It heats up your vaporizer contents, never burns so there is no second hand smoke. The sleek and small design makes it ultra portable, easily being able to fit into a pocket. It contains a permanent lithium ion battery. Its indicator shows whether or not the device is on, the temperature setting, and whether it is charging or not. The indicator is a motion sensitive, so to figure out any of these current settings you just need to give it a little shake. Its wide heater chamber makes it easy to refill. Its heat up time is on top of charts making this a must buy item. It has an adjustable heating setting, so you can set your desired temperature. The retractable mouthpiece turns the device on and off.

Overall: This is a very good handheld vaporizer. Its what one would think of if they really wanted a “portable vaporizer.” It is on the more expensive side, but this is one where you really get what you pay for. It includes 1 unit, 1 charging dock, 1 screen, 1 mouthpiece, 1 lid, 5 pipe cleaners, 5 cleaning wipes, i mouthpiece lubricant, and an instruction manual.

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Vape or Smoke Ninja Edition Review

The Vape Or Smoke Ninja edition ties in a lot of useful features. It is your choice to either vape, smoke, or use the atomizer (sold separately). It is a very durable and weather proof device. It is made out of high quality metal and polymers. You will be able to achieve smoke and vapor with practice providing for the ultimate smoking experience. It comes with a refillable butane lighter for convenience.

Overall:  This fairly priced vaporizer offers you versatility. Very portable, good value.

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Ascent Portable Vaporizer Review

The Ascent Portable Vaporizer is made by the same people who made the Davinci Portable Vaporizer. It has dual mouthpiehpiece openings. You can either puff from the retractable glass straw or you can leave the glass straw in and draw directly from the mouthpiece opening. It has a battery life of about 4 hours and runs on two removable lithium ion batteries. It uses an all glass vapor path for ultimate vaping experience. You can vape either dry materials or essential oils. You have the choice to determine your own temperature setting and it displays on its OLED display. It is a little bit smaller than your iPhone, so it is another portable option, and probably one of the best portable vaporizers.

Overall: Great product, simple user interface, and ultra portable, kind of expensive, but well worth the money.

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ThermoVape T1 Kit Vaporizer Review

The ThermoVape T1 Kit Vaporizer may very well be the best portable vaporizer. It uses a convection style to produce its vapor for the purest and cleanest vapor. It can easily fit in your pocket and can be recharged over a 1000 times! It uses the same battery technology as electric vehicles. It satisfies even the most seasoned smokers. It comes with battery charger, car adapter, wall adapter, and Tenergy RCR123a Batteries X 6 (three pairs).

Overall: Maybe the best portable vaporizer. Need I say more? Fair price for the quality you get.

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ThermoVape Revolution Vaporizer Review

The ThermoVape Revolution Vaporizer is similar to the T1 Kit, but this one only works with essential oils, so this vaporizer naturally is a little bit cheaper. It is made with medical grade ceramic materials, so you know it is a sturdy vaporizer. It is a direct draw vaporizer and included in the package is a battery charger, car and wall charger 4x batteries ( 2 pairs), and a user guide.  It is just slightly downgraded from the T1 Kit, but still a very high quality handheld vaporizer. Also, it is made to withstand much higher temperatures to ensure trouble free operations.

Overall: Just a slight drop from the T1 Kit, but still a very quality piece. I would recommend upgrading to the T1 kit because the price difference is not significant enough to get that value, but still a good portable vaporizer.

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Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review

The Arizer Solo Vaporizer is a featured vaporizer here at Best Portable Vaporizer Guide. This is a probable best portable vaporizer. It is extremely portable and lightweight. It uses a ceramic heater with a glass mouthpiece. It has advanced temperature controls with 7 different presets, ranging from 122 degree Fahrenheit all the way up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. It uses a  lithium ion battery which is included with up to 4 hours of consecutive vaping. It takes two minutes to heat up, and the batter shuts off after 12 minutes to preserve the battery. If you are looking for a durable, day to day piece, this is a best portable portable vaporizer. Inside the box includes the unit, A/C charging unit, 2 glass mouthpieces with diffusing tubes, potpourri dish, and instruction manual.

Overall: A must buy portable vaporizer, worth every penny and will last you a long time.

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Atmos Optimus-510 Review

The Atmos Optimus-510 is a another good beginner’s vaporizer. It is used with essential oils only, but this portable vaporizer really packs a punch. It has a convenient measuring scale so that you precisely know how much material is left in the unit. This vaporizer comes with the lithium ion battery, Optimus cartridge, wired USB charger and manual.

Overall: Great starting Portable vaporizer. Small and slim for a great travel experience and really packs a punch for  a cheap portable vaporizer.

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Atmos Nuke Review

The Atmos Nuke is another vaporizer from the Atmos family that is used for essential oils and other liquid aroma therapies. It has an optional dual refillable cartridges and uses a lithium ion battery. What it comes with inside the box are 2 nuke cartridges, cartridge shell, rubber mouthpiece, retractable mouthpiece, wall adapter, and syringe bottle.

Overall: The Atmos family has produced another quality portable vaporizer. It is fairly inexpensive for what you get, and is just as portable as the other styles Atmos produces.

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G Pen Portable Vaporizer Review

The G Pen Portable Vaporizer is another feature vaporizer, regarded as another one of the best portable vaporizers. It  is known for being used by celebrities and for its very simple user interface. Another device used for concentrates. It  It uses a lithium ion battery. This is the center piece for Grenco Science. It has no small pieces that are easily lost so this makes it extremely popular. Inside the box includes 1 G tool, 1 original G tank, 1 G charging kit, 2 essential oil G containers.

Overall: A MUST BUY. It is inexpensive compared to others on the market with good portability and a solid company backing.

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Persei Vaporizer Review

Another feature best portable vaporizer, the Persei Vaporizer adds a an element of overall ease. It is the world’s first variable voltage vaporizer! No need to mix ingredients, just add pure concentrates. Persei cartridges use only stainless steel, silica wicks, and ceramics, no cotton. Cartridges have been tested for up to 400+ 6 second draws. You will receive large draws with the “double barrel” feature, or smooth consistent puffs with a single cartridge. Inside the box there are 1 Persei body, 1 Persei single top, 1 Persei double top, 1 IMR high drain 18650 battery, 2 IMR high drain 18350 batteries 7.4v, 1 battery charger for 3.7  volt lithium ion batteries that will charge 18650 and 18350 batteries, 2 aluminum mouth pieces (use these for slow draws or they will get hot fast), 1 cartridge fill tool, 1 battery adjustment tool.

Overall: Extreme value! A premium starter kit with lots of choices of how to vape. On the higher end of prices but totally worth it

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Omicron Vaporizer Review

The Omicron Vaporizer is a high tech portable vaporizer. With this device you can vaporize any time any where. The unit is waterproof, and can withstand being dropped on its heads many times. It was also engineered to withstand irregular use. This product features many specifications that are comprehensive and detailed, and you can find it on the product page which I will provide the link for. Included you get the actual unit, aluminum shell, 2 batteries, 1 extract cartridge, aluminum mouthpiece, fill tool, battery charger, rugged case,  and manual.

Overall: This runs along the upper half of the middle grade of the Best Portable Vaporizer Guide. A good, solid product for a decent price.

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Atmos Thermo W Review

The Atmos Thermo W portable vaporizer is yet another fine product from the Atmos family. It uses an atomizer that is perfect for thick concentrates. Its design is sleek and easy to travel with in your pocket or wherever you choose to store it at. Sized with an ergonomic power button, it makes it ideal for being on the go. It comes with a tank cover to reduce spilling, one button operation,  thick concentrate atomizer, lithium ion battery, wired USB charger, manual, and drawstring pouch.

Overall: A good buy. Stylish design and can be used with very thick concentrates making this very durable and versatile. Priced to sell and very popular.

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Vapir Mini Oxygen Vaporizer Review

The Vapir Mini Oxygen Vaporizer comes in its latest version 4.0. It now includes a battery pack that makes this vaporizer portable. Probably the cheapest portable vaporizer that is digital on the market.  It is a little bit loud, due to the fact that it has no fan inside.  The only thing you need to do to make this vaporizer work is attach the Vapir tube and the Vapir mouthpiece (top of the line pieces), and puff when your desired temperature has been reached. This piece can be used with a power cord or battery pack, giving you the choice to make it portable or not. Sometimes there are problems with the heating element in this vaporizer though. Its a designed and feels like a big marker in your hand. For a vaporizer of this price, it is not the best tasting, but it works fine. It is a fairly easy portable vaporizer to use though. Inside the box 1 unit, 1 mouthpiece, manual, 1 medical grade Vapir tube, 1 cleaning brush, 2 piece stir tool, power cord (must order the battery pack).

Overall: Better options, but it does come with a digital display which is nice for its price.

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VaporGenie Portable Vaporizer Review

The VaporGenie Portable Vaporizer works by incorporating a lighter or wick. You do not burn any product though, rather you use a lighter to heat it up, no combustion. A ceramic filter blocks your materials from getting burned.  Once heat is generated, it passes through the filter in the VaporGenie and passes through it’s contents producing vapor that you inhale through the mouthpiece. It is similar to your conventional pipe in design, but it is completely different. It is made primarily out of wood that is sanded and sealed with natural varnish without glue and adhesives, so there are no toxins. Inside the box are the base unit, i removeable mouthpiece, 1 VaporGenie top piece with carbide heating stone. Also many colors allow you to personalize to your tastes.

Overall: Great price, simple but effective design, great starting vaporizer.

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Atmos Nail Essential Vaporizer Review

The Atmos Nail Vaporizer is intended for use with oils and other aromatherapy liquids. Similar in design to the other Atmos designs, it makes this device ultra portable. It is powered by a lithium ion battery, and last up to 5 hours of continuous vaporizing.  It contains a 3 layered vaporizer system that is used with thin, thick, waxy oils. Inside the box battery, nail chamber, nail tip, nail cone, tank cover, tank mouthpiece,  wall adapter, USB charger, manual.

Overall: A very solid product backed by a brand you can trust. Not very expensive, making it a good consumer product.

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Atoms Raw Vaporizer Review

The Atmos Raw Vaporizer is one of the smallest portable vaporizer at only 5 inches long and a 1/2 inch thick. It uses a lithium ion battery that can be charged via USB or wall charger (both included). It may be small but packs quite the punch. It utilizes a ceramic filter and heating chamber for the ultimate clean vaporizing experience. It uses a convection styled heating method with just one preset that heats up from 375 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. And it only takes 5 seconds to reach these temperatures! It is capable of 72 hours of consecutive use, and a week of real time use before needing to be recharged.

Overall: Great battery life, good portability, awesome product. A must buy.

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Vapir NO2 Vaporizer Review

The Vapir NO2 Vaporizer is a discreet, quiet, and odorless vaporizer making it a top of the line portable vaporizer. The battery fits within the vaporizer, unlike the Vapir Mini Oxygen. It has a basic button system that makes it simple and easy to understand and use. It has a power switch on the side which controls the ultimate power of the vaporizer and red power button with and LCD screen and temperature setting controls too. The LCD screen displays battery life, current temperature, set temperature, and Celsius or Fahrenheit. There is a screen that sits on top of the top chamber that occasionally needs to be changed depending upon frequency of usage. Included in the box is the Vapir unit, battery, power cord, 2 extra mesh bowl screens, 2 bamboo cleaning sticks, 1 cleaning brush, 1 tube attachment, and a mouthpiece.

Overall: One of the better portable vaporizers with a price to match, no odor, quiet, all inclusive kit, I would highly recommend this product.

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Davinci Vaporizer Review

Another one of our features here at the Best Portable Vaporizer Guide, this is a top quality product. It has a digital temperature display with a custom  temperature settings from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be used with oils as well as your favorite blends. It takes advantage of lithium ion battery technology, lasting 45 minutes continuously. It has dual power button settings to prevent accidental turn on. It is extremely simple and easy to use, but is one of the most advanced portable vaporizers. From beginner to expert users, this is sure to please.

Overall: Very Popular, Very satisfying, excellent product designed for ease of use. A solid product that you can not go wrong with, highly regarded.

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Magic Flight Launch Box Review

The Magic Flight Launch Box is by far the most popular portable vaporizer on the market. This vaporizer has a lifetime warranty and comes with extra batteries (rechargeable), a stealth carrying case, a battery charger, and a cleaning brush. One of the only battery powered vaporizers available. It is the smallest electronic vaporizer, needing NO lighter, NO torch, NO butane. Batteries do not last long, but with a heat up time of 8 seconds, you will not be needing to use this Vaporizer for much longer than a minute. The heating part is all stainless steel and is safe to inhale. It reaches a temperature of 380 degrees Fahrenheit. You must be careful for how long you inhale and keep the batteries in when any vaporizer reaches similar temperatures. This product features several vapor channel flows for minimal vapor condensation. The Magic Flight Launch Box rarely needs cleaning as well, meaning less lost vapor. This product is a great value, very discreet, and portable. This is a great vaporizer piece to add to any collection, or to begin your journey vaporizing.

Overall: Excellent product on the top of the product for a GREAT price. You would be wrong to at least not considered buying this. Great functionality, great price, sturdy and durable. MUST BUY. SALE PRICE!

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Iolite Original Vaporizer Review

The Iolite Original Vaporizer takes advantage of a butane heating system. This is a true portable vaporizer product. It is available in several colors. Its patented designed heating catalyst is paired with a Piezo electric starter button. This butane, patented design means no charging, no lighting, just occasional refilling of butane, making it one of the truest best portable vaporizers. To fill your device with your desired materials, you would pull the the mouthpiece out which is accompanied by a chamber, your filling portal. When pulling out the chamber, inside the that now empty spot is where your materials are heated to 374 degrees Fahrenheit. To operate the portable vaporizer, you turn the switch on, the Iolite Original Vaporizer will hiss which is normal and you might smell some butane which is normal and safe as well. Then press the Piezo starting button to ignite the butane and begin heating your materials. Then after it is heated, you are ready to vape. Included in the box are extra filling screen, case, cleaning brush, brass maintenance tool, extendable mouthpiece, manual.

Overall: Excellent product, well designed, easy to use. no battery needed which is nice. A good investment.

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Iolite WISPR Portable Vaporizer Review

It has a similar heating system as the Iolite Original Vaporizer, it utilizes butane. One difference is they make the butane tank easy to view how much butane is left. It has a fold able mouthpiece for extra portability.  For more clarity on how this device works, refer to the Iolite Original Vaporizer Review.Included in the box are the unit, flexible mouthpiece, 7-dot filling chamber, extra mesh screen, manual.

Overall: Just as good at the Iolite Original Vaporizer, but with some extra features for easier use. Great product, just determine if the extra features are worth the extra value in price.

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Palm 2.0 Vaporizer Review

The Palm 2.0 Vaporizer is a convection based vaporizer. The word “Palm” allows you to infer that is small enough to fit in your palm, so you know is a very portable device. Built with a poly carbonate outer shell making it very durable. It has a ceramic heating chamber and powered by a rechargeable NIMH battery. It easily maintained, containing a replaceable screen and a food grade plastic air path, allowing it for it to be easily kept clean regardless of concentrates or dry leafs.

Overall: This product has a good overall feel. Small and lightweight, versatile functions. A quality portable vaporizer

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PUFFiT Portable Vaporizer Review

The PUFFiT Vaporizer is designed in a way that makes it look like an inhaler, a perfect mimic for discreetness. This portable vaporizer utilizes a rotating wheel for controlling temperature from a 1 through 8 configuration, congruent to temperature ranges of 250 degrees Fahrenheit through 410 degrees Fahrenheit. When the device is in use, you can stir your contents with a nice removable stir tool option without having to open the cover, so there is no heat loss. This handheld vaporizer also features an automatic shut off after 90 seconds of non use.  With the device you get a vape enhancer, wall charger, silicon heat shield, USB charger, case, removable stir tool, cleaning packing tool, 4 replacement screens,  and 3 mouthpieces for a comprehensive kit.

Overall: Good product with some cool features, discreet and portable design.

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