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Persei Vaporizer Review

Another feature best portable vaporizer, the Persei Vaporizer adds a an element of overall ease. It is the world’s first variable voltage vaporizer! No need to mix ingredients, just add pure concentrates. Persei cartridges use only stainless steel, silica wicks, and ceramics, no cotton. Cartridges have been tested for up to 400+ 6 second draws. You will receive large draws with the “double barrel” feature, or smooth consistent puffs with a single cartridge. Inside the box there are 1 Persei body, 1 Persei single top, 1 Persei double top, 1 IMR high drain 18650 battery, 2 IMR high drain 18350 batteries 7.4v, 1 battery charger for 3.7 ¬†volt lithium ion batteries that will charge 18650 and 18350 batteries, 2 aluminum mouth pieces (use these for slow draws or they will get hot fast), 1 cartridge fill tool, 1 battery adjustment tool.

Overall: Extreme value! A premium starter kit with lots of choices of how to vape. On the higher end of prices but totally worth it

persei_1 click here for more pictures, reviews, and full pricing for the Persei Vaporizer

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